How to Play

TraderChamp games are played on everyday the stock market is open. You can create your own game for others to join, or you can join a game that someone has already created. Once you have created a game or joined one, you will be taken to a screen where you have to choose 5 stocks in your portfolio for the day. Search for stocks that  you want then click the enter button to add them to your portfolio. You can’t add the same stock twice so once you choose a stock, it’s gone from the stock list and you can no longer select it. If you would like to remove a stock, click on the remove button in your portfolio.

If you have chosen to create your own game, give the game a title and click on create. If you are joining an existing game, the title is already populated for you. After you have successfully joined or created a game, you can view and edit your portfolio by clicking on the “My Contest” link in the navigation. There, you can find the game you would like to view or edit, click on the view link and it will take you to that specific game. 

You can not see your opponents portfolio until the stock market opens. At that time, your portfolio will be locked and you can no longer add or edit stocks.

All TraderChamp games are based on percentages. The higher your portfolio gains in percentage, the better chance you have at beating your opponent. For example, if a stock costs $1000.00 per share and it goes up $100.00 per share to $1100.00, that is a gain of 10%. If you have a stock that costs $20.00 per share and the stock goes up $10.00 per share to $30.00, that is a gain of 50%. In that case, the $20.00 stock would beat the $1000.00 stock in this game.

All games begin as soon as the stock market opens and ends when the stock market closes. After hours and pre-market stock moves do not count. 

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