About TraderChamp

We believe that investing should be fun, and competing against your peers to see who can pick the best stocks for a day brings an extra level of excitement. Experience a daily fantasy sports like contest as you choose 5 of your best stocks to go head to head against some of the best stock market traders in the world.

TraderChamp gives advanced investors as well as the beginner investor a new way to play the stock market. Show off how skilled you are at picking the best stocks. Compete against other stock traders to see if your portfolio can come out on top in a one on one contest. Choose your 5 best stocks for the day and see if you can top your opponent to see who's the TraderChamp. Games begin as soon as the stock market opens but you won't see actual stock data until 15 minutes after the market opens. Winners will be announced 15 minutes after the stock market closes.

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